I really appreciate you visiting our web-site.

Our company was founded in 1892 by Seijiro Nakano, whose head family owned Kuma Masamune Sake Brewery. Since then, we have made sake by hand in our local town, Tendo city.

In 1980, we released our signature product "Oka Ginjo", when the word "Ginjo" was not known in general and Ginjo was mainly made only for competition. However, we wanted everyone to enjoy Ginjo so we decided to market Ginjo for an affordable price for the public. We are proud of spreading Ginjo.

Since releasing Oka Ginjo, we had wanted to spread Ginjo all over the world so we started exports of Sake in 1997. We now export to over 25 countries, spreading the joy of drinking Ginjo to people in many parts of the world. We are trying to make "Ginjo" a familiar word worldwide through the export of Ginjo, which we believe constitutes a valuable part of Japanese culture.

We will continue making high quality craft sake to people all over the world.

4th generation of Nakano family, Masumi Nakano

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